Liv a sweet girl (with a few tantrums)

by - 4/05/2016

There she is Liv. Did you know my youngest daughter's name is Liv? And if they are both the same, then this little Liv will be a handful. Liv is sweet, she gives you hugs and kisses. Brings you little surprises like drawings.....a lot of drawings. And some little snacks. She loves to take care of you.

But..... when she's angry or not happy then she can get really mad. She get tantrums. Oh yes....
My advice is to stay calm and let her. After a while she will come back with kisses and hugs.
Sweet little Liv.

I always learn the girls some basic knitting. Because it's always handy to have a little knitter in the house. And sofar all the girls loved it.

(Oh and I have seen little Liv with her mom and sister and she was in a........rollercoaster. How awesome is that? I'm soooo jealous).

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