Natural mothballs

by - 4/11/2016

I always add a little sachet with dried lavender with the dolls. It smells nice and it keeps away the moths from your woolens. Although I love lavender, especially fresh in my garden. I'm not very fond of dried lavender alone.
So I did some searching on the internet for natural mothballs. And I came across these ingredients:

Lavender, spearmint, thyme, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon and cedar shavings (this little sachet doesn't have the cedar shavings, but the next ones will).

It smells so delicious!
I use the same amount of every herb and a little less cloves (cloves are very intense) but just add the amount you want to make a lovely smelling natural mothball.

Of course there are more herbs you can use to make a chemical free mothball like tansy or woodruff.

I still have a lot of preparations to do for the seminar. Stress is in the house ;)

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. That is very interesting. Thank you .
    HAve a nice day!

  2. Ja, met die wol zul je zeker op moeten passen.
    Maar met die kruiden komt het vast goed!

    Ik heb nooit zo van Lavendel gehouden, maar de laatste jaren staat mij de geur wel aan.
    Smaken veranderen!

    Fijne dag!

    Groetjes Thea♥