Nora a kind little spirit

by - 3/31/2016

When I first showed a glimpse of this kind little spirit her mom immediately knew her name.
Nora. But what she didn't know is that my daughter Silver also has Nora in her name. How special is that?

There was finally a day with no rain to make some photo's outside and she loved going outside.
Smelling the fresh air and hear the early birds singing. It was a joy.

Nora wasn't alone on her journey home. Little Pru joined her. Do you remember the little girl with the pink curls? It always feels better when the girls have a companion during their travel.

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  1. Wat een dot heb je gemaakt! groetjes Sandra

  2. Ik kreeg 2 jaar geleden een bruin meisje hoe zouden we ze gaan noemen? Nou wie weet heeft ze op haar geboorte bewijs al wel een mooie naam gekregen; Nora!
    Wat een toeval.... mag ik je mailen om haar te kopen? groet Henny