by - 6/24/2015

I have worked on Bloom for a while now and she is now ready to find a loving home.

Bloom will be available in a short auction this Sunday, June 28 from 9:00-10:00 pm EDT

She is made of Swiss jersey and filled with lovely soft sheep wool. All seems are sewn twice.
She has a a wig of curly mohair weft crocheted into a mohair cap and she has blue embroidered eyes. She also has a little belly button and a sweet bum.

She is wearing a dress, linen blouse, hand knitted pants, hand knitted socks, leather boots, a handmade hairband, a handmade bracelet and a knitted scarf.

Bloom is a little forest girl. She loves to walk in the woods, lay in the fields and pick some flowers along her walks. She has a special flowerpocket on her dress. Her she can put all her freshly picked flowers (and magnifying glass).

I do hope I can take Bloom for a little walk before she leaves. The weather isn't that great now in Holland and I don't want her to get wet or muddy (although she doesn't mind at all).

I hope to see you all on Sunday!


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