When we meet again

by - 5/26/2015

Susan contacted me about a girl, Tabitha. A doll I made a few years ago. And what I didn't know is that she adopted a lot more girls. It was so wonderful to see all the girls together and to see that they are so loved. Susan wanted Tabitha to have other hair and a new outfit. The sweet girl had a big stain on one leg and Susan asked me if I could do something about it.

And there it was the package with of course Tabitha. It was so good to see her again. And there was more, oh yes much more. Lovely fabrics, wool, ceramic buttons, a shell from the beach where she lives and a sweet little heart. I will cherish them forever. Tabitha is in Holland for a few weeks now and I think she is now all set to go home. Including a whole new set for her sister Bo.
And I think the girls will be very happy because they can wear both outfits! I'm certain they will switch outfits once in a while.

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