Difficult times

by - 1/30/2015

It has been to long since I wrote to you. But we had an emotional time. My father in law died on Boxing day. A few weeks before and the time after has been a roller coaster. At this moment we are working hard to get his home empty. Which is very difficult for my husband. He has no time to get through all his fathers personal stuff.

My dolls are a good medicine and get away. Everything is taking longer now, but I hope you all will understand.
I do cleaned and reorganized my sewing/workroom. I needed the rest around me. And it feels good to be there. I'm working on some girls when I have the time. I hope to have them available soon.

My workspace

Lilja with her lovely soft alpaca locks
Little star Lykke
I'm still working on Abby (also an 18" doll)
I hope I can offer you these girls very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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