My inner child

by - 3/22/2019

Hello there, are you still here?
This is my first post this year. But after a little break I'm getting back slowly.

A little break sounds like I had a lot of fun, doing a lot of other things. But no. I don't want to call it a burn out, but maybe it was.

As you may know I had problems with my shoulder. It's probably the cause of a fall on my shoulder during skiing two years ago. I had a lot of pain for months, lack of sleep, migraines, pain killers, injections and no rest. And then I got some other physical problems too. Eventually I lost my spirit to do anything. I had no feeling with dolls anymore what so ever, no creativity at all. And then the stress came. Now what.

I had to learn a lot about myself these months. And now things are going much better. My creativity, my urge to create is coming back. I still have some off days, but now I accept them and that gives a lot of peace. My shoulder still isn't fine and it will probably never be without injections or an operation, but for now it's oké.

I always doubt to tell something personal here, the not so good things. But life is like that.
I want to focus more now, getting to find my inner child again, because I lost her a long time ago.

So there will be dolls again and once in a while I will share a recipe with you. These recipes will be healthy with a minimum of added coconut sugar. I would love to hear if you would like that!
And maybe, finally I will send out a newsletter, because a lot of you subscribed. Thank you so much for that!!

So what's up?
Well at the moment I'm trying to finish some private commissions, because these sweet people are waiting for a very long time. One girl is here with me all naked, with curls like a wild forest. Waiting for the fabrics to arrive to make her a smocked dress.

But in between I'm also working on some dolls for a shop update.
I already made a few pocket dolls, but I want to add a few more to the family before they will be for sale. Some will have bodies that are natural dyed, others with organic nicky velours. There will be a few with non organic nicky velours. I don't want to waste any fabric (better for the environment) so I will use it until there is no more.

Thank you so much for still being here and taking the time to read this!
May you all have a day filled with Love & Light!  Maureen. x

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