by - 1/25/2018

Aah at last, here she is. I named her Sophia. She is about 15" tall. I love this length. Not to big and not to small. Just perfect to play with and to hold.

Her face is needle sculpted and she has embroidered facial features.  She is made with Swiss jersey and stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is made of doll mohair  crocheted into a cap.
She is wearing a cotton double gauze dress (with smaller checks inside), trousers, hand knitted cardigan and boots in Eden Cottage Hayton yarn and a lined woolen bonnet.
With her you also receive a certificate of authenticity and a little repair kit, containing needle and thread and a wax crayon to give her those lovely rosy cheeks.

SOLD - Her price is € 475,- excl. shipping.

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  1. Wat een schat. Echt heel lief. groetjes Sandra

  2. Wat een lief snoetje heeft Sophia. De kleertjes erbij,zo schattig. Nancy

  3. Snoezige pop. En kleertjes mooi afgewerkt. Complimenten hoor. Groetjes, Joke