New York

by - 11/03/2016

It has always been a dream to visit New York. When I worked in fashion it was my dream to go to New York to search for new ideas. New designs. I was almost there. I went to Londen, Germany, France but New York was for the head designers. I came pretty far but I decided to stop with that kind of work.

When my friend asked me to go to New York. I said yes (I was in a very good mood). I had a wonderful time. I loved seeing, smelling and tasting New York, but now......I'm broke ;)

And how I loved New York it's not a place I want to visit again. It's just to busy, noisy, dirty and...... expensive for me. But no matter at what time you take your pictures or what ever device you make your photo's with they all look amazing (to me).

Thank you New York for this wonderful experience!

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