Knitting away

by - 7/28/2016

Lately I'm knitting more and more for the girls. It's something you can do everywhere and especially in the evening while watching your favorite movie.
I don't write patterns....yet. I think I can do it, but it's a lot of work. So for now I used some lovely patterns you can find on the internet.
The pattern of the leggings is from And the sweet bunting sweater is from Laura Chau Designs. I did made some adaptions to the pattern so it will fit my girls. I knitted the socks my self, so no pattern there.

Here you can see the lovely details of the leggings. Isn't it gorgeous?

For the socks I used the lovely yarn from I love her yarns. They are all natural dyed and they smell delicious. We found those lovely pink shells on the beach on our little visit.

Here I was still working on the I-cord. This sweater is also from (please note I also adapted the pattern a bit and changed the gauge to make it fit my girls).

I'm following Instagram. She is a wonderful knitter and every month she has a wonderful podcast on Youtube. Please follow her if you aren't yet and do watch their podcasts they already made.

She is hosting some knitAlongs like the Vivid blanket. You can find it on Instagram under the hashtag #vividkalkammebornia. The plan is to have a warm blanket at the end of the year.

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, because I just knitted 6 and I need a lot, lot more. I wanted to knit mine in the same colour and there will be some slight differences. I will knit them all with the yarn from Gregoria Fibers. It gives such a nice texture. I adapted the pattern a little. Less rows at the end and eyelets in the corners till the end.

Happy knitting!

P.s. message me if you want me to make a dollsize legging or sweater or socks for your girls ;)

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