Cold fingers

by - 2/15/2016

I know it's a little late but Happy Valentine's day. I hope love has reached you and you gave some love back. I got some lovely handmade cards from my kids. And my love gave me some beautiful tulips. What more can a wife and mother wish for.

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed........
Last year a secret admirer send me a card with a box of chocolates. It took me 39 years to finally receive a card from an unknown person. And now the love is already over. Ah well. I have a loving husband and wonderful kids. But it's very good for your ego to receive something like this. Maybe a bit awkward when you're married and 39 years old and also awkward to write it here. But I just imagine no one will read this anyway.

This weekend we visited the beach and there I got those cold fingers. We took 2 of the three dogs with us. The third one is a dog that doesn't want to walk. So if we take her with us we will probably have to carry her all the time.
It was a bit cold, but the kids loved it and it's good to feel the cold beach air through your hair.

On the way to the beach we discovered an awesome play forest. There were a lot of trees with branches so the kids could climb up and down. And they did. Look at their lovely rosy cheeks.

Have a wonderful new week! And I hope to write more often here on my blog. Why should I otherwise keep a blog. Right?
Maybe because I'm not a writer, or because I'm just too boring. But we will see how it goes.

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