In the Meadow of the valley

by - 1/17/2016

"In the meadow of the valley, 
Where wild flowers are roaming free.
There are multitudes of colors
And their backdrop forest greens."

Although winter is still here my thoughts are already with spring. 
The beautiful colours, the warmth, the sun.

I see Meadow walking through the fields with her mom, collecting flowers and little treasures.
Sitting on a blanket in the fields enjoying some cookies and tea.
Putting on her cape when it's getting a little breezy. 

Sweet Meadow will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow at 2:00 pm EST (20:00 uur Dutch time)
Meadow is made of Swiss jersey and filled with lovely soft sheep wool. She has a little sculpt face, a bellybutton, a little bum,  brown eyes and a wig of mohair weft.
She is about 19" tall. 

Meadows price is € 650,- excl. shipping (approx. € 26,-)
She will be send to you registered and with insurance.

You also receive a little repair kit filled with needle and thread, a beeswax crayon and a piece of tricot for those lovely rosy cheeks
a certificate of authenticity.

Meadow isn't suitable for children under the age of 3.

These are the clothes she is wearing:

I so much loved having her here. Seeing her come to life and meeting her wonderful personality.
But it's now time for her to see more of the world and go on great adventures.
Enjoying life.

I hope you feel the love too and will bring her home into your world.


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