by - 9/12/2015

Fjola is such a patient little girl. She is the sweetest girl ever. She never begged, has never be grumpy and not even be mad at me. I know I would.

Fjola is a little dreamer. She likes to dream about castles with a big garden. A garden with a secret little house. And there will be stables with not just horses, no with unicorns.

In the meantime she has found a little friend I made some time ago. A little bunny of which I wanted to make more know how it goes.

Fjola put her in her pocket and have never left her out of sight (probably scared I would take her away). But I would never do that...never.

Maybe you can learn her how to play the piano. I haven't had enough time to learn her everything.
But she can play a little song.

For this hand knitted vest I used the free pattern of Nikki van de Car on Ravelry
I really love it.

Fjola is almost 20" tall. Her hair is a weft (that I made) of alpaca locks crocheted into a mohair cap.

Her head has been needle sculpted. 
She is made of Swiss jersey and firmly stuffed with lovely soft wool and she has embroidered eyes.

She has a belly button and a little bum.
Important note: please please don't ever tell her I put this on the internet!

She is wearing all the clothes in the photo's above.

With her you also get a little metal box with needle and thread, a piece of tricot and a crayon for those lovely rosy cheeks and a certificate of authenticity.

Fjola is in my Etsy shop now. Her price is € 700,- excl. shipping.
Postage is with € 500 value insurance.

Have a wonderful weekend!

x Maureen

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