Ginger is looking for a home!

by - 8/18/2014

Finally it's time to look for a lovely home for Ginger. She has been with me long enough.

 I told you before about Ginger. 
She is a little adventurer (about 9" tall). She loves to look for little buggies and butterflies. She loves the flowers. And sometimes she picks a little flower and keep it in her little book. She always carries her little book and pencil in her backpack when she is wondering through nature.

She made some good friends here. But she really is in need of meeting new ones.
And I'm sure she will meet lots of them.

Her suitcase is her little house. It even has a real light!
It also has a little window with curtains and a clothing rack for all her clothes.

So what will Ginger bring with her. Hang on because it's a long list and I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

first of all of course little Ginger (about 9")

- suitcase with light, window, clothing rack
- 2 cushions
- a knitted blanket with hart
- a crocheted rag
- 2 needle felted dogs
- a dog bowl (with dog on it)
- a crocheted basket with leather straps
- a little teaset and a little croissant
- a little book and pencil
- a handknitted backpack
- 3 outfits
- 2 pair of shoes
- a knitted vest
- a lovely sewing kit with an extra battery for her little lamp

Ginger is made of Swiss jersey and filled with lovely soft sheep wool. She has blond wefted goats hair.
Her price is € 450,-

If you would like to offer your home to Ginger, please fill in the form below. Leaving your name, e-mail adress and your paypal address. Your comment is only visible for me!

It's not allowed to enter more than once and only one entry per household.
And please don't enter for someone else.

You can fill in the form from now till Wednesday 8 pm (East Coast time).
I will send an e-mail and invoice to the lucky momma (probably on Thursday).

I keep my fingers crossed for everybody who want to give Ginger a wonderful and loving home.

**Form is deleted. It's not possible to enter anymore.**

Thank you so much everyone for loving Ginger so much! I will send the lucky momma an e-mail tomorrow!! Little Ginger is running and jumping around me. She say's I'm toooooooo slow. So beware lucky momma.

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