The details

by - 6/08/2014

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Maybe I showed it once. But not only the doll is important, but also how she will go to her new momma! You know how it is when you buy something you really want. You can't wait for the package to arrive.....and then.....that moment of opening the box. 

I want the momma's to feel they are receiving a birthday present. So I'm always searching for cute little stickers, little bags and creative ideas. 
 This is how my packages look like. Of course filled with a lot of tissue paper to protect them against the bumping on their journey.
And these are the sewingkit jars. Aren't they fun. I found the idea on Pinterest.
Here is the link so you can make them yourself.

Of course you can fill it with anything you want. Wouldn't it be lovely to give at a birthday party!

Enjoy your day!

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