Ziggy or Zizi (as she calls herself)

by - 3/27/2014

Let me tell you something about Ziggy.
She calls herself Zizi because she thinks Ziggy is a boys name. Oh well......

Ziggy knows she has a big sister. Big sister Chloe. She also knows that they will meet someday. She is convinced of that. Yes, Ziggy is a confident girl. 

After all she is wearing her lucky bag with her ​​birthstone in it every day the whole day (just like my daughter Silver).
I added some Dutch clogs to her bracelet, so she will always have something to remind her of Holland.

She has long blond DollyMo brushable hair.
Ziggy will be available in an auction that starts tonight at 10 PM EST and runs for 12 hours. So it will end tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

Enjoy your day

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