Finally! I want you to meet Nomi

by - 2/03/2014

After some changes of her clothes she is finally ready. She is very pleased with the changes. The beautiful brooch is from Backyard Brooches. You can find her shop here

Nomi will be available for the waitinglist members (the list is closed).

Her cape is made of a green silk/linen fabric and has a beautiful Liberty lining.
I know her green bow on her dress is missing on this picture, but I love this picture.
Enjoy this new week.

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  1. Wat n geweldige pop weer! Staat hoog op mijn wishes lijst. nog even doorsparen.....

  2. Hallo Nomi, je bent een prachtkind geworden!!
    Leuk, die armbandjes!

    Fijne week.

    Groetjes Thea ♥

  3. She is utterly adorable. Love the colour pallette you have chosen.

  4. Ihre Puppen sind schön. Ich habe eine Menge zu lernen :). Ich lade Sie zu mir :)