Eleonora and her winter thoughts

by - 1/17/2014

Eleonora dreams a lot about a home with a lot of sunshine. Where it’s warm and not to cold.

I actually don’t know why. I think she is lucky to be born in the Netherlands. It’s the warmest winter ever and there is still no snow.
I told little Eleonora that’s it’s also a lot of fun in a land with lots of snow. Summer will show her little face there also.
But she insisted to give her a lot of clothes.

please I don’t just want a dress. Dresses should be worn in summer not in winter.
O Eleonora, please. I could make an underdress for you. So you will have two dresses. And you have boots and socks and I will knit a warm vest for you.

no that’s not warm enough
can you knit a scarf for me and maybe........ a knitted cardigan wrap.

I told Eleonora that that really would be too much. That I would see you all laugh. What will everybody think?
So what if they laugh?

And you can't see your beautiful beaded collar anymore!
What could I do? I can't send her away unhappy. So I knitted her a vest, a cardigan wrap and even a scarf. 
Eleonora smiled!

Oh, said Eleonora. You made a earmuff a long time ago. Do you know where it is?
I have to look. Oh here it is. But it’s to small for you and the pink color is not the right 
I don’t mind. Please, please can I have it, can I have it?

Well the earmuff stayed on after some pulling and stretching (sorry for that)
(Please don't laugh, because I still think it's a little bit too much)
Eleonora will be available draw style. Just go to

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Wat is ze mooi!! Ik ben helemaal verliefd op haar mooie haren!!

    Liefs Angelina