Peachy cream!

by - 2/20/2013

I just finished this doll for Amy
She is a custom doll. But Amy gave me the free hand. She told me she loves the colour peachy cream...or creamy peach. Well it was a challenge to find that colour of fabric. Although the stores are hanging full of clothes in creamy peach. Summer collection 2013. Unfortunately the fabric stores haven't received the summer fabrics yet. But I found this beautiful linen fabric and a wool/cashmere fabric. Perfect for her coat and hat. I also found some tule on Etsy and I used a beautiful dress of Liv. Ssstt.................please don't tell her. She will be really mad at me if she founds out.
But I will show you some more pics of her.

Enjoy your day

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  1. beautifull!!!
    Geweldig en die jurk ook.. helemaal fantastisch

  2. oooooh so nice and sweet....soooooooo beautiful...greats nicole

  3. Ze is prachtig!!! En wat een mooie kleuren- en materialencombinatie!
    groetjes Severine