Bunny love

by - 6/20/2012

I'm now working on a girl similar as the girl for Jenni. She will have the same Tibetan hair but with a lighter eye colour and other clothes.
She also wanted a little friend for her....a bunny. Because her daughter loves bunnies. And so do I.

I really like those little friends. Because my girls also want a little friend to cuddle with, to travel with, to sleep with just like there mommies. I sometimes wonder why I didn't thought about that before.......

This weekend I went shopping for fabrics. And I found some beautiful fabrics. I even bought 100% silk. Am I crazy........

But I so love those beautiful fabrics. The softness, the look. And I also found the most beautiful lace. So it will be a lot of lace and linen for now. Oo and ofcourse Liberty fabric.
Tomorrow the electricity company will shut us off for a couple of hours. So no sewingmachine, computer or anything else for me.
So it will be a good time to knit a legging for this girl.

Enjoy your day

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  1. Wat maak je toch een prachtige dingen. Ik vind het een genot om naar te kijken. groetjes Sandra