A doll for a good cause!

by - 4/10/2015

It's official! Yes I feel the summer and not just me!

Today is the day that the list is open for little Maisie at 2 PM New York time.
All the proceeds are for Alex and her girls! Please take a look here http://hyenacart.com/stores/LoveforAlex/
Here you can find Alexandra's story and a lot more cuteness!

In the meantime I'm trying to keep little Maisie with me. She is desperately searching for the beach. A little swimsuit will join her. Not this one. Because I made the pattern and swimsuit in 15 minutes, because she was going to walk outside naked. Yep that's Maisie!

I haven't told her that this is the garden and that she can't find the beach here. There is a beach nearby, but I'm afraid that when I tell her she will be gone before I know it. And she has to cross some busy roads. No no no the garden is good.......for now.

She did some climbing and finally found a spot to lay down to listen to the beautiful songs of the birds. And getting energy from the warm sun.

Please consider bringing little Maisie home for this great cause!

Much love Maureen

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