Playful Albin

by - 11/11/2014

Finally! Finally Albin is ready to find his forever home.
It's not always easy to find the right moment and place to photograph the girls and now boy. 
But what could be a better place then Wester, my son's room.

I wanted to surprise Albin. Because maybe he will have this and more in his forever home too.
O and he was surprised. I took the box with cars and that was a very good decision. 
He threw his jacket and hat on the floor and kicked his boots out.

Wow, says Albin
Does Wester have so many cars?

Albin took the box and pulled as hard as he could

I will put everything back. I promise, says Albin

To be honest, I'm not sure he will do that. Because we all know our boys say that to us moms and mostly it never happens. A well the thought is good, right?

This is soooooo soft, says Albin

After some hours playing it was time to put on his boots and coat again. Because this still is a photoshoot to show you all of Albin.

So come on Albin put on your boots and jacket. You can do it.

Albin is about 18" tall and is a REAL boy. He has a little bellybutton, a bum and little boy body parts.
He is made of Swiss jersey and filled with lovely soft sheep wool.
His wig is made of goats weft crocheted in a mohair cap.

He wears:

- a boxershort
- dungarees
- a t-shirt
- knitted socks of 100% wool yarn
- boots
- a linen jacket with a lovely nani iro lining
- a knitted hat of 100% wool yarn

And he brings along his crocheted minecraft wolf.

Albin is not suitable of children under the age of 6

With him you also receive a little repairkit in a little metal box and a certificate of authenticity.

Albin will be available in an auction on Friday, November 14. 

From 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm New York time.

His starting bid will be € 350,-
shipping fees include tracking number + insurance

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  1. Dear Maureen,
    Enchanting! I wish you a lot of luck for the auction!

    Dear greetings