A girl, a baby and a butterfly

by - 10/29/2013

I see it's already more than a month ago that I wrote to you all. I wish I could work more on my girls. I'm excited. I have idea's, new fabrics, a sewingmachine that is working better than before. Well..... I have to take it as it is........for now.

I want to show you two girls and a (not ready yet) baby. 

I wanted to make a baby for a very long time. And finally it's time. She is a little weighted and she will have a little bum. O and the clothes. I'm so excited to make them. Some diapers, a dress, knitted socks (or boots), a sleepingbag. And she will also wear a baby bodysuit. Well she will have lots of babystuff. All things you need to take care of your baby.

I want you to meet
Bridie has brown eyes and brown wefted goat hair.
Bridie is about 18" tall.

Here she is wearing a longsleeve t-shirt, a legging with ruffles, a two layered dress with tule ruffles and ofcourse warm boots.

Fall and winter are wet and cold here in Holland. So boots are necessary!
But not only boots. Also a warm knitted hat and vest are very welcome.
Her handknitted vest and hat are made of Lana grossa Linea Pura ambiente.
And her crocheted boots are made of Lana grossa Linea Pura Organico print.
Her hat has a crocheted flower with little white beads.
Two bracelets for Bridie.

I want you to meet
Sol is a Butterfly doll with white wefted mohair hair and blue eyes.
Little Sol is about 13.4" tall.

I made her a crocheted and embroidered butterfly hat.
I'm so in love with this hat.
Do you see the grass and the flowers? And the flower button?
And here is Sol.
She is wearing a longsleeve t-shirt, a tule skirt, trousers with lace edging, a linen dress, crocheted boots and 
a little treasure bag.

Both Bridie and Sol will be available in an auction this week!
So stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ik vind je poppen weer prachtig. Ben benieuwd naar je babypop.

  2. come sempre le tue dolls sono meravigliose...

  3. De poppen zijn weer erg mooi geworden. Ben benieuwd naar de haren van de babypop.

    Groeten van Juffrouw Mier

  4. Hallo,
    ich finde Deine Puppen Sehr schön. Die haben eine besondere Ausstrahlung.Einfach toll.
    Barbara S.

  5. nice article ! look a beautiful baby clothes in our online store :)