Used materials
All Poppenliefde dolls are made of organic Swiss tricot and are stuffed with clean carded wool. 
Wool is a natural material. It's breathable, dust mite resistant and anti-bacterial.
Dolls stuffed with wool gives and holds warmth when you hug them and it also absorbs the child's smell, which is soothing for the child.

Care instructrions
Although wool has a lot of benefits, you can't wash your doll in the washing machine or use a dryer. Only handwash is allowed.
When the doll has some spots, you can first try to remove it with pressing on the spot with a wet towel. When the spots don't come off with just water, you can add some mild soap to warm (not hot) water and use a soft toothbrush to clean the spots. Do it gently and follow the knit of the fabric.
If you decide to wash the doll completely you can make a bath with warm water (not hot) and a mild soap and gently soak the doll in the bath. Repeat this with only warm water to rinse the doll.
After washing you press gently down on the doll to squeeze out as much water as you can, but don't twist or wring the body. Wrap it in a towel and squeeze gently to remove more water.
Reshape the head and limbs if necessary. Place the doll, face up, on a towel and let it dry. Since the towels will get saturated with water, use a few and keep rotating to soak up the water.

Because all dolls are made by hand it's possible a thread gets loose or they lose a button. That's why it's important to check the dolls completely regularly.
Because of that you also receive a little sewing kit with every doll. It holds a needle and thread so you can sew loose seams. And you'll get a piece of colored organic cotton so you can give your precious doll those lovely rosy cheeks.