Poppenliefde is a journal about my creative path in doll making.
I'm Maureen and at this moment 42 years old and married to A.
We live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with our three children, one boy and two girls.

When I was little I loved dolls. I loved making little clothes for them and when I had to choose my profession I decided to go to the Fashion Academy. I learned to design clothes, make patterns and how to sew. I left those skills behind for many years until I started creating dolls as a hobby. 
I made my first Waldorf doll for my daughter Silver when she was little and I made little cuddle dolls for my friends babies. After a few years of making and learning I decided to make doll making my profession. I think that’s now about 8 years ago.

I love making dolls because it allows me to work with wonderful and natural materials. Making dolls is a creative process that combines the disciplines of wool, jersey, sculpting, but also the beautiful textiles and hand dyed yarns.

It’s a joy to see all those little stitches become a doll with a soul. Each of them with their own expression and their own story. To make the clothes that will tell you their personality.
To experience the versatility of wool is amazing. You only need your hands, wool, a needle and time.