Where are the dolls made of?
All dolls are made of Swiss jersey and filled with lovely sheep wool. They all have embroidered eyes, ears, belly button and a little bum. I use different kind of hair. Some dolls have a crocheted cap of mohair, but most of my dolls have a weft of mohair, alpaca or goats hair. Sometimes I use ready to use wefts or I make the wefts myself.

What are the prizes of your dolls?
My dolls cost between € 125 to € 650,-  depending on sizes, the hair I used and the clothes they wear. The sizes of the dolls go from 9" to 20". 
I always send a little repair kit with the dolls and a certificate of authenticity.

Can I order a custom doll?
At the beginning of my doll making journey I started with customs, but after a while I stopped. I wanted to let my own imagination do the job. This year I started taking customs again.
At this moment I'm full.

Do you have a shop?
I will announce on my blog and on my Facebook page when there is a doll available. I sometimes sell a doll comment style or you can purchase her in my Etsy shop

Is it possible to contact you?
Yes. You can send an e-mail to info@poppenliefde.nl and I will do my best to answer your questions.